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After 1980, there is a development opportunity under the accidental chance in the comic of Taiwan. Because unreasonable comic censorship and outrage piracy disregarding the copyright era has been past, Taiwan’s comic artists should combine everybody’s strength for comic, in order to promote the comic localization by maintaining the stability which is created the environment. In promoter AU Yao-Hsing(敖幼祥), Zheng Wen(鄭問), Gaga(嘎嘎), Loic Hsiao(蕭言中)…etc. the older generation cartoonist call and with a hard work in 21 months, in August 1995, “Taipei Comic Artist Labor Union” finally was established.


  1. Promoting the creation of the comic artists and rationalization and professionalize of publication system.
  2. Integrated the source, offer the environment that the comic artist cartoonist exchanges, studies and grows up.
  3. Promote the localization, generalization and practicality of comics.
  4. Foster caricature talents, promote the caricature to read the activity


1997/05/20  “Taipei Comic Artist Labor Union” was established.
1999  Held ”The 3rd Asia Manga Summit” in Hsin-chu, Taiwan.
2000  Attend ”The 4th Asia Manga Summit” in Hong Kong.
2001  Held ”The 1st Comic Oscar Award”.
2002  Attend ”The 5th Asia Manga Summit” in Yokohama, Japan and set up the ‘Taiwan Comic Pavilion’.
2003  Held ”The 1st Graphic Novel Award” authorize by GIO (Government In Office).
2003  Held ”The 2nd Comic Oscar Award”.
2003  Plan the course of comic education, and execute ”Comic Summer / Winter Camp” with Taipei Y17 Young Party Centre. ( Run regularly on winter vacation and summer vacation of every year)
2003  ”Challenge 2008 Cultural Intention Industries” plan that cooperated with GIO.

GIO subsidized the caricature monthly issued ”GO” start publication.

Held ”Taipei ‘GO’ Comic Fair” operated jointly with the Dept. of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government, Taipei Story House.

Attend ”The 6th World Comic Conference” in Beijing, China.

Held ”The 3rd Comic Oscar Award”.

Held ”The 4th Comic Oscar Award”.

Attend ”The 7th World Comic Artist Conference” in Bucheon, Korea.

Held ”The 5th Comic Oscar Award”.

Attend ”The 8th International Comic Artist Conference” in Hong Kong.

Attend ”The 9th International Comic Artist Conference” in Kyoto, Japan.

Held ”The 10th International Comic Artist Conference” in Taiwan.

2014  Held ”The 15th International Comic Artist Conference” in Taiwan.
2017  Held ”The Taiwan 100 Comic Artists Show” in Taiwan.
2017  Held ”The 1st Taiwan Comic Festival” in Taiwan.
2018  Held ”The 17th International Comic Artist Conference” in Taiwan.
2018  Held ”The 2nd Taiwan Comic Festival” in Taiwan.
2019  Held ”The 3rd Taiwan Comic Festival” in Taiwan

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Address: Rm. 6,9F, No.72, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Zhongzheng District, 100 Taipei, TAIWAN (R.O.C.)
Contact Number: +886-2-2312-0045
Contact person: Dia Hsiao

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